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A Child's Smile Project

October, 2022 - Over 80 children effected by war received full set of school supplies.

December, 2021 - We sponsored winter orphans retreat in Ukraine for over 30 kids.

April, 2021-  Our team visited children who are part of our Child's Smile Project and delivered them a lot of gifts.

March, 2021 - This week our team visited state run orphanage we spent time with children who were left behind and brought them gifts.

December, 2020 - our team visited 57 orphans in state run facility in Ukraine. We brought a lot of gifts for children and they put on Christmas show for us. Thank you to all who donated and made this event possible. 

November, 2020 - our volunteers visited state run orphanage for small children. They spent time with children as well as delivered supplies that are needed for kids.

November, 2019 - Food packages has been delivered to children and families who are part of our Child's Smile Project.

March, 2019 - We delivered aid packages to another group of children and their families who are part of our Child's Smile project.

March, 2019 - Today we delivered grocery supplies for children and families who are part of our Child's Smile Project. 

January 2019 - Our team visited children who are part of our Child's Smile project. Parents and children are so thankful to all who support these children as they battle serious health issues each and every day. 

January, 2019 - Our team visited children and families who are part of our Child's Smile Project. These beautiful children and their families are so grateful to everyone who donated in December to make this possible. 

Andriy, 5 years old.

He was born with incurable disease. His mother who is drug addict abandoned him and his older brother Sasha (who is 7 years old) in state ran orphanage. In May 2018 one ukrainian family who has 3 children of their own adapted these two boys. Andriy has a lot of health and psychological issue due to his condition. Hope For Ukraine will be taking on helping this boy fight his illness and support this family as much as we can. You can help Andriy DONATE NOW

August 2018 - Today we have received thank you letters from parents of children who are part of Child's Smile project. They express deepest gratitude for all support they have been receiving from HFU.

August 2018 - This week our team visited another group of children from Child's Smile project, spent time with them and handed out aid packages.

August, 2018 - Our team handed out grocery packages to children and their families.

June, 2018 - Last week we organized camp in Lviv for children and their families who are part of Child's Smile Project. These are seriously ill children whom we have been supporting for almost two years already. Thank you for helping us to put smile on their faces and forget for few days all their struggles and hardships they face every day.

April, 2018 - Our team visited children who are part of our Child's Smile project. Children and their parents were so grateful to all donors who help us support these sick children and their families all this time.

January 12th, 2018 - Today our volunteers in Ukraine visited children who a part of A Child's Smile Project, we delivered them Christmas gifts as well as organized a pizza party for them.

On December 19th, 2017  our volunteers visited one group of children and their families. We have provided groceries for families and Christmas gifts for children. 


Back in July when we visited Petrik and asked him what is one thing he dreams to have, he told us bicycle. So we decided to make his dream come true and last week we delivered brand new bicycle for this boy who has serious illness  and lives in extreme poverty in Ukraine. Smile you see on his face is the reason we do what we do.

Gimelia, 9 years old & Shota, 7 years old.

Gimelia and Shota have older sister and three younger brothers. Their mother died one year ago and right now their father is taking care of them. They have experienced a lot of pain watching their mother battling her illness. Gimelia is in 4th grade, she likes to read, dance and also spend time taking care of her smaller brothers. Shota is in 2nd grade, he is very active, he likes to play soccer and spend time with his friends. Last year before their mother's death these children were placed into state run orphanage so they don't witness suffering their mother was experiencing before she died. Only after her death their father was allowed to reclaim children and bring them back home. Hope For Ukraine will be providing ongoing support to this family. You can help them as well by being a part of this project DONATE NOW


Roman, 14 years old.

Roman is very smart and active boy. He is oldest of five siblings, so he has a lot of responsibilities at home since his mother is very sick. After he was diagnosed with serious illness he was placed in treatment plan he always takes his medicine  on time each day. He has a lot of friends, he likes to spend time with them as well as play sports. Hope For Ukraine will be providing on going support to this family. If you want to be a part of this and impact Roman's life and help his family please DONATE NOW


Marichka, 11 years old.

Marichka is in fifth grade, she has older sister and two younger brothers. Kids live with they mother and grandmother. Marichka suffers from serious illness. This family lives in a small village, Marichka likes to spend time with her best friend and when she grows up she wants to become clothing designer. You can help Marichka and her siblings DONATE NOW.


Victor, 13 years old.

Victor is 13 years old orphan who's both parents died when he was a baby. He resides with his grandmother in a small apartment. This boy has been through a lot in his 13 years so he tends to be very reserved and tends to keep to himself. Victor has a lot of health issues. His grandmother does what she can with her small pension to pay all medical expenses for Victor and put food on their table. When HFU representatives met with this family they saw extreme hardships both Victor and her grandmother facing so we have committed to support them. If you like to help Victor and his grandmother please DONATE NOW


Cathy, 6 years old.

Cathy has three older brothers and one older sister. When she was 2 years old both of her parents died. After death of her parents grandmother took all five kids to live with her in a small apartment. When Cathy was around 1,5 years old she was diagnosed with serious illness. She loves to sing and enjoys spending time learning in her school.

You can be a part of this great cause DONATE NOW


September 2017

In September we visited children from A Child's Smile project and their families. HFU bought school supplies for children and organized pizza party for them.

August 2017 Event

In August our volunteers visited children that Hope For Ukraine has been supporting for almost a year already. Here are some pictures as well as videos from that event.


Peter (aka Petrik), 12 years old.

Petrik was born 05/26/2004 in Western Ukraine. He resides with his mother and grandpa. His father died when he was 5 years old. They live in a small apartment, terrible living conditions.

Petrik in 5th grade attending special school for kids with disabilities. He spends a lot of time in the hospital.

This precious boy has been sickly from a very young age but only in august of 2015 doctors diagnosed him with serious illness. Only this year Petrik has started taking medication that was prescribed because of the high cost for his medical treatment.


HIV positive children, forgotten children of Ukraine

We are committed here at Hope For Ukraine to save his life and help that family. Give a little to make a big impact in Petrik' life. DONATE HERE

Elvira, 8 years old.
At the age of 6 Elvira was diagnosed with serious illness. Father left her when she was a baby from that point on her mother is the one who is responsible for putting food on the table and pay all bills. Elvira spends a lot of time in the hospital. This family of 4 lives in one small room inside of run down house without running water and working toilets.

HIV positive children, forgotten children of Ukraine

Would you partner with us in providing monthly support to this girl. DONATE HERE

Victor, 7 years old.

HIV positive children, forgotten children of Ukraine

One day his foster mother was visiting orphanage in her city and she noticed this small boy that was very skinny with bloated belly. While she was there Victor noticed her, ran to her and asked her if she can be his mammy. This family who have 2 kids of their own and live in a very small apartment decided to take Victor and two of his brothers in to live with them. Victor was diagnosed with serious illness when he was six. On top of health issues this  little boy is dealing with serious emotional issues due to horrendous abuse that he experienced in a very young age. Victor will be starting his treatment as well hell be working with counselor and his loving foster family to forget all the pain he experienced at a very young age. You can be a part of Victor's life by DONATING HERE

Denis, 12 years old.

He is 12 years old. When Denis was 3 years old his father died. Right after death of his father he was diagnosed with serious illness. Thanks to his grandmother who has supported this family all these years Denis was able to get regular ARV treatment. Recently his grandmother died and his mother is unemployed so she cannot afford paying for expensive drugs.

HIV positive children, forgotten children of Ukraine

You can help Denis and his family.  DONATE HERE

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