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Medical Support Project

April, 2023 - Essential medical supplies delivered to a hospital in southern part of Ukraine. 

March, 2023 - Container #24 with medical supplies has arrived to Ukraine.

February, 2023 - Our volunteers delivered essential medical supplies to 2 medical facilities in Kriviy Rig.

February, 2023 - Volunteers delivering aid to hospital where internally displaced individuals getting treatment after being rescued from war zone.

February, 2023 - Facility for almost 250 adults with special needs now will have power POWER ON.

January, 2023 - Our volunteers visited elderly in northern part of Ukraine delivered groceries and medical supplies for each of them.

December, 2022 - People in the hospital got a visit from our volunteers and received Christmas gifts there.

November, 2022 - Today our volunteers delivered essential aid to another hospital in southern Ukraine.

October, 2022 - Essential supplies delivered by our volunteers to hospital in Mykolayev region. Doctors in this hospital treating many wounded from war zone.

June, 2022 - Our volunteers preparing first aid kits for defenders on the front line. These kits will save so many lives.

May, 2022 - Together with our partners we purchased industrial steam sterilizer for hospital in Kiyv, Ukraine.

May, 2022 - Our volunteers delivered aid to Children’s hospital in Chernihiv.

May, 2022 - Thank you @m25m_org for partnering with us to provide emergency dental work for refugees that staying at our refugees center.

April, 2022 - Sofia with her mother are safe in Germany now after fleeing Kriviy Rig.

February, 2022 - together with our partners we were able to pay for life-changing scoliosis correction surgery for Sofia, her parents could not afford to pay for this surgery so many of our donors donated to make this possible.

July, 2021 - Large amount of aid delivered to state run mental facility for adults in Ukraine. 

May, 2021 - We shipped large shipment of wheelchairs for disabled in Ukraine.

May, 2021 - our volunteers visited state run mental facility for adults in Ukraine. A lot of aid has been delivered and quality time spent with those who are left behind by their families and society to die at this place.

April, 2021 - We are so glad that we were be able to be a part of life changing surgery for 13 year old girl Evelyna. First surgery to correct progressive thoracic scoliosis in complex vertebral body malformation took place in Germany today, next surgery will take place Monday. So many people and organizations came together to fund this expensive procedure for this young girl. Your giving to Hope For Ukraine changed life of Evelyna forever.

March, 2021 - We delivered wheelchairs and walkers for seniors in Ukraine.

February, 2021 - legs corrective procedure for this precious girl is fully funded thanks to so many people who donated.

November, 2020 - Our team delivered protective gear for frontline workers in Ukraine.

October, 2020 - Mark is still waiting for his treatment and we are working together with his family to help as much as we can with tasing funds he needs.

September, 2020 - We need to help this family who live in extreme poverty with emergency dental work. Their father has cerebral palsy and mother has many health issues. Some dental work was done for free by amazing dentist in Ukraine but there are so much emergency dental work needs to be done.

Meet Marco Kryshchuk. He is an incredible smart and reader. May already work as a book blogger.
And Markovi really needs help.

Mark has a rare orfanne disease - vitamin D resistant rahit (VDDR2a). This disease has caused a number of violations: numerical fractures, muscle hypotony, bronchobstructions, cardiovascular failure, malbsorption, pseudo-hypoparotherapy, breast and lumbar spine deformations, scoliosis of the 3th century., deformations of the bones of legs and handles. Mark does not grow a skeleton, while internal organs develop according to age. Growth 85-87 cm, weight 15 kg, and Mark will be 9 years old in September. Marchik goes to Lviv High School No. 82, graduated from 2 B class, the disease did not touch intelligence, Mark is very capable and smart.
Mark is comeback and strong, patiently moved all the trials that lay on his little shoulders (hospitals years and numerical fractures) and anyway - cheerful and happy. In 2019, he began to walk by himself with a walker.

Kansas City Clinic is undergoing treatment for children with such diagnosis completely out of osteoporosis and begin to grow. For Marcus is a chance to live a full life, breathe full chest, walk and grow!!!

July, 2020 - This week after 12 hour long scoliosis corrective surgery Eva's life has been changed forever. She has waited very long time for this moment and finally this surgery took place. Big thanks to all who made this surgery possible by donating to this project.

September, 2019 - Petrik was his by a car that left him disabled, now he needs ongoing rehabilitation, here is his story.

August, 2019 - Ivanko underwent 9 hour long scoliosis surgery that he has been waiting for long time. Big thanks to Dr. Igor Kurilets and his medical team who performed this surgery as well as all who donated toward this predict and made this surgery possible.

June, 2019 - Ivanko Karasy is being observed by leading spine doctor Dr. Ventura from Spain. Preparation for his surgery is under way and if everything goes well, he should be having this life changing surgery this summer.

April, 2019 - Today we delivered aid to Katya (she suffers from Cerebral palsy) and Zorianna (who is diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis).

April, 2019 - We continue help people in need to get some dental treatment by covering their dental bills. 

March, 2019 - Today we purchased 2 month treatment of Copaxone for Zorianna to manage her multiple sclerosis. One month supply of Copaxone in Ukraine costs around $500. Thank you to all who donated and made it possible for us to help this young mother. 

March, 2019 - Ivan's mother asking to help raise funds needed for her son's vertebrae surgery.

March, 2019 - Ivan has severe right-side scoliosis. His mother has been trying to raise 300000 hryvnians for his surgery for over a year already. She reach out to us for help. Last year HFU helped raise money for a girl name Yana with same diagnosis, her corrective surgery was successful. We will work on raising money to help this boy. Together we can change his destiny.

February, 2019 - Katya is beutiful young lady with cerebral palsy that has been bound to her wheel chair since birth. She needs constant rehabilitation with physical and occupational therapists. We will help funding these medical expenses for this beutiful young lady.

February, 2019 - Here is little story of young mother Zorianna, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in August 2018. Monthly cost for her medication is 14000 hryvnyas which is $514. If you would like to help this family you can donate through our secure website.

February, 2019 - Today we delivered first aid package for Zorianna, mother of 3 boys, who is battling multiple sclerosis. We will continue help this young lady with medical treatment as well as supporting this family as much as we can.

February, 2019 - Yana is recovering from her surgery well. Keep her in your prayers and thanks again to all who made it possible for this surgery to take place.

January, 2019 - Yana's life transformed. This beautiful girl Yana had life changing surgery this month to correct her back. We are so grateful to all our partners who donated toward this cause and her family was able to pay for this surgery that she has been waiting for so long. She still has a long way to recover as she needs to learn how to walk again. But with the help of God and support of her family and friends we believe for a speedy recovery for Yana after this complex surgery.

January, 2019 - Dental treatment for Natasha has been completed.

January, 2019 - This young mother of 3 children Zorianna in Ukraine just got diagnoses with multiple sclerosis that rapidly progresses she urgently needs medical treatment that would slow her disease progression down.

January, 2019 - Today Natasha had second dental appointment. Thank you to all who donated toward this and made it possible.

January, 2019 - This is first family we will try to help with their dental treatments. Natasha and her husband Sasha have serious dental problems. Sasha diagnosed with cerebral palsy and unable to work. With little money they get each month from ukrainian government they cannot afford to see a dentist. Today dentist in Ukraine  start working on their teeth. 

January, 2019 - in 2019 we are planning to launch The Dental Project as a part of our Medical Support Project. Many people in Ukraine who live in extreme poverty simply cannot afford to see a dentist so as a result they loosing most of their teeth. This year we want to help some of these people by covering their dental treatments.

Darina Bogdan

November, 2018 - Darina is 3 year old girl in Ukraine who was born with many health problems. One of the biggest challenges for this girl is that she was born without ears. At the present time she can hear just a little but surgery on her auditory channel would allow this girl to hear 100%. Approximate cost for this kind of surgery is around $30,000 in Ukraine, her parents asked HFU for help. Our team visited this family and verified all details, in upcoming days we will be sharing more information about Darina.

Yana Navchuk

October, 2018 - Today our team in Ukraine met with parents of a girl Yana that suffers from idiopathic scoliosis of the chest and lumbar spine stage 4. Funds that were raised for her surgery has been delivered as well as meeting took place with government officials in Rivne region discussing our Medical Support project and how we can help more children in Ukraine.

Young girl Yana Navchuk in Ukraine suffering from idiopathic scoliosis of the chest and lumbar spine stage 4. Her parents reached out to HFU asking for help covering cost of scoliosis stabilization surgery. Cost for this surgery is $7500 in Ukraine. Please help us raise money for this surgery by donating today.

Evnika Blyshko

August, 2018 - Together with our partners we helped paying for surgery of this young girl Evnika from Ukraine who is suffering from brain aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations. 

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