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Refugees Project

September, 2022 - Our volunteers delivered over 60 grocery bags to newly liberated areas in Kharkiv region.

September. 2022 - Today we held large giveaway event for internally displaced individuals in Lviv. Over 500 people received clothing and hygiene products. Over 200 children received school supplies. Baby food and groceries were distributed as well. Thank you for partnering with us to make this possible. Big thanks to @pinklily and @m25m_org for providing clothing and hygiene products that we were able to giveaway.

August, 2022 - Our volunteers delivered aid to people in Kherson region, over 60 families received much needed aid.

August, 2022 - Ukraine Independence Day event for over 70 children has brought so much joy to these children that have to hide in bomb shelter at least once a day for last 6 month. Thank you to @m25m_org for partnering with us to make this celebration possible. Thank you to all good people from all around the world that are standing with us as we work 24/7 to make sure Putin and his terrorist army wont steal childhood and future from these precious children.

August, 2022 - 800-900 meals are served at the train station in Lviv.

August, 2022 - Today we had aid distribution event with aid given away to over 350 internally displaced families. Every family received food, clothing and hygiene products. Thank you to our partners @pinklily and @m25m_org for providing clothing and hygiene products. Big thanks to all donors who donated money to buy groceries and everyone who donated things at our nj center to help those in need.

August, 2022 - Thank you to our partners @m25m_org for sending another container full of humanitarian aid to help those struggling in Ukraine.

July, 2022 - Volunteers continuing rescue mission out of Siverets, Donetsk region.

July, 2022 - Our volunteers rescuing people from Siverets, Donetsk region while providing medical attention and giving away bread to those left behind. At the present time this is one of the most dangerous areas on the frontline as Russian concentrated huge forces around this town to gain control over it.

July, 2022 - Today our partners disrupted food and new clothing donated by @pinklily to over 270 internally displaced families.

July, 2022 - Today our volunteers distributed large number of grocery bags to residents of Zhytomyr region.

July, 2022 - Today over 200 families received hygiene products and clothing in Lviv, Ukraine thanks to @m25m_org for shipping container full of much needed aid.

July, 2022 - Over 400 families of internally displaced individuals received grocery supplies and clothing during our giveaway event in Lviv region.

July, 2022 - Our volunteers preparing grocery bags for next week food giveaway. Every day people working non stop to help those who are in desperate need.

June, 2022 - Over 80 refugee women received new sets of clothing at our event today in Ukraine.

June, 2022 - Another food and clothing distribution event for internally displaced people took place today in Lviv. Over 700 families received grocery bags. Women received new clothing donated by @pinklily as well as other clothing people here in USA donated. Your donations are such a blessing to those that has been left without anything. 

May, 2022 - Clothing and food distribution in Lviv, Ukraine. Over 500 internally displaced women receiving @pinklily clothing that was donated to @hopeforukraine for people of Ukraine.

May, 2022 - Refugees Sunday humanitarian aid distribution event today in Lviv. Approximately 300 families received grocery bags as well as clothing and personal hygiene products. Big thanks to @m25m_org for partnering with to provide these grocery bags. Thank you to everyone who donated clothing here in USA all those shipments from here start arriving to Ukraine. With each day as war continues demand for food, personal hygiene products and clothing getting grater and grater. All these refugees you see on these pictures probably will never be able to return to their homes in the near future.

May, 2022 - our team visited refugees center in Warsaw, Poland together with our partners in Poland we will be working on finding a permanent place to live for all these people that lost everything because of war. 

May 2022 - Refugees fed in one of the shelters in Lviv.

April, 2022 - Easter celebration dinner for refugees at our center.

April, 2022 - Greetings from all refugees with Easter.

March, 2022 - Anichka Levitskaya with her family are finally safe in Germany after escaping hell of Mariupol.

March, 2020 - Anna is in Ukraine awaiting, once travel restrictions will be lifted because of COVID-19 she'll be coming to USA for another surgery.

October, 2019 - This week Anna had her 5th surgery at the Arkansas Children's Hospital. 

October, 2019 - This Sunday October 6th 2019, Anna will be arriving for her 5th surgery in USA. Big progress has been made in her recovery since 2017 when we started funding this project. This has been a long and very expensive road yo recovery. Big thanks for all who has been partnering with us to help this precious girl.

June, 2019 - Anna's 4th surgery at the Arkansas Children's Hospital went well. Now recovery process begins. 

May, 2019 - Anna and her father starting their journey to USA where she will undergo 4th surgery at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

April, 2019 - We have made another large payment to Arkansas Children's Hospital to cover Anna's medical bills. Big thanks who has been supporting this project for over 2 years. 

February, 2019 - Arkansas Children's Hospital finally gave date for Anna's 4th surgery that will take place in June 20-21, 2019.

January, 2019 - Anna's parents send their seasonal greeting. Anna will be flying to USA for her 4th surgery as soon as hospital is able to book it on Dr. Gresham Richter, M.D. calendar.

November, 2018 - We just made another large payment to Arkansas Children's Hospital for medical treatment they provided to Anna. Big thanks to all our partners and everyone who keeps supporting this project going on second year already. Every donation small or large counts and together we are able to transform life of this precious girl from Ukraine. Now since medical bills are paid arrangements will be made for her to come for her 4th surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital. 

September, 2018 - Anna started middle school, she likes to play with her dog and really enjoys painting. After three surgeries there are big improvements and we are waiting for scheduled date by Arkansas Children's Hospital for her fourth surgery that suppose to take place sometimes this fall or winter.

May 26, 2018 - Today is last day of school for Anna. Healing and transformation process of this precious girl is well under way. She has had 3 surgeries already at Arkansas Children's Hospital and there will be at least 3 more surgeries. Everybody here at Hope For Ukraine as well as Anna' parents so thankful for all who is taking part in this project, non of this would be possible if not for your support.

April 29, 2018 - After brief period of recovery Anna is on her way back to Ukraine. Her 4th surgery is scheduled for August-September 2018.

April 27, 2018 - Anna undergone 3rd surgery at Arkansas Children's hospital. Keep her in your prayers.

April 26, 2018 - Anna is examined by Dr. Richter before tomorrow surgery.

April, 2018 - Anna is on her way to USA for her 3rd surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

January 17th, 2018 - We have visited Levitska family in Ukraine. Anna's recovery after 2nd surgery is going well. Arkansas Children's Hospital has scheduled 3rd surgery for April 2018.

January 8th, 2018. As people in Ukraine celebrate Orthodox Christmas. Anna's parents together with her brother would like to wish everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. They are so grateful for all HFU donors who gave toward Anna' project and made possible for Anna to start treatment at Arkansas Children' Hospital in 2017.

Today December 17th, 2017 Anna is leaving USA after 2nd surgery and shell be coming back in four month for third surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

December 14th, 2017 Anna had postoperative exam with Dr. Gresham Richter today, he has scheduled third surgery for April 2018. If you would like to be a part of this project and help us transform Anna's life you can do so by donating on our site or mail checks to our our office at: 


101 Eisenhower Pkwy

Suite 300

Roseland, NJ 07068

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December 13th, 2017 Anna was released from Arkansas Children's Hospital and continues to recover at Ronald McDonal House.

December 12th, 2017 Anna had second surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

December 11th 2017, Anna was seen by Dr. Gresham Richter. Tomorrow he will perform second surgery on Anna.

Anna and her father on their way to USA where Anna will undergo second surgery at Arkansa Children's Hospital.

Back in Mariupol, Anna is back in school trying to catch up on everything she missed while in US. In about 6 weeks shell be flying back to USA with her father for a second surgery.

Anna is back in Ukraine. On December 12th she has second surgery scheduled at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Please keep her in your prayers. 

On Tuesday October 10th Dr. Gresham Richter did final examination of Anna after first surgery. Second surgery is scheduled for December 12th. In total Anna will have to go through 3-4 surgeries to correct Venous Malformations of her face.

Anna is released from the hospital and waiting for another appointment with Dr. Richter

Anna starts recovering from her surgery.

Tuesday, September 26th Anna undergone first surgery and according to Dr. Gresham Richter everything went well.

Today Monday, September 25th 2017, is the day that Anna and her parents have been waiting on for 10 years. Dr. Gresham Richter of Arkansas Children's Hospital did pre surgery examination and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Please keep Anna in your prayers.


After little rest and walk through Liberty State park, Anna and her father together with HFU volunteers are getting ready to travel to Arkansas Children's Hospital for Monday's appointment with Dr. Gresham Richter. 

Anna has arrived to USA for her surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital.


Anna and her father Michael are on their way to US where Anna will undergo treatment in Arkansas Children's hospital.

Anna and her father received US visas, their airline tickets booked and they are getting ready to travel for surgery in September.


Date for Anna surgery is set for September 26, 2017. Dr. Gresham Richter at Arkansas Children’s Hospital will be performing surgery

Anna Levitskaya will be coming to Arkansas Children's Hospital with her parents for her surgery as soon as US Embassy in Ukraine issues them visas. This fund has been created by Hope for Ukraine to cover all travel and living expenses while Anna undergoes surgery here in the USA.

Special thank you message from Anna and her parents.

We have started working with Arkansas Children's Hospital preparing all needed paperwork to obtain USA visas for Anna and her parents to bring this precious girl for surgery to USA

This is fundraising campaign for 9 year old Anna Levitskaya who was born with venus malformation on her face. Anna resides with her parents in Mariupol, Ukraine. Arkansas  Children's Hospital has agreed to perform corrective surgery but first they need to receive full payment. Hope for Ukraine together with Anna's parents working around the clock to raise needed funds for surgery. This surgery will be a life changing moment for Anna who has been suffering since birth. Please help us with raising needed funds for Anna's surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Thank you in advance 

Anna Levitskaya

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