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2020 Year in Review

January 2020

- Over 200 Christmas gifts given to children in Ukraine.

- Free after school classes made available for children and youth at our Children's Rescue Center.

- Ongoing support for families in need.

February 2020

- Day of Hope events for children from troubled homes.

- Preparation for construction of Blyznak home begins.

- Preparation for life changing surgery for your lady Eva begins.

March 2020

- After school program expends to allow more children get access to free education.

- Care packages provided to families in need through Family Support project.

- Helping with emergency dental work for disabled family.

April 2020

- Together with our partners working on getting permissions to build playgrounds in Ukraine for children.

- Two state run orphanages receiving ongoing support from Hope For Ukraine.

- Building of Blyznak family home Begins.

- First round of COVID-19 aid packages.

May 2020

- Second round of COVID-19 aid packages.

- After school program going virtual with more kids taking advantage of it.

- Renovation of future home for Children's Rescue Center ongoing.

June 2020

- Third round of COVID-19 aid packaged.

- Support of orphans continues.

- Together with our partners providing support for people in need in Moldova, Armenia and Israel.

July 2020

- Eva get life changing scoliosis surgery done in Kiev Ukraine through our Medical Support project.

- Building of Blyznak home continues.

- Another round of aid packages distributed to families in need.

- Medical Support project treatment for person in Germany.

August 2020

- We started working toward support young boy Mark who suffers from resistant rahit (VDDR2a).

- Support from adult mental health facility provided.

- Another round of dental support provided to disabled family.

September 2020

- Blyznak family construction on going.

- Working with Mark's family to find treatment for this young boy.

- Aid shipped to Ukraine.

October 2020

- Care packaged distributed to families in need.

- Another round of aid shipped to Ukraine.

- After school program expanding with more children and more different subjects.

November 2020

- Multiple charity events in orphanages and mental facility for adults.

- PPE provided for frontline workers in one Lviv' main infection hospitals.

- Blyznak family home construction on going.

- Renovation of Children's Rescue Center going on nonstop.

December 2020

- Together with our partners over 200 Christmas gifts are shipped to Ukraine.

- Large shipment of food, clothing and medical supply shipped.

- Many holiday events organized for children who are part of Child's Smile project.


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