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Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Conflict Fundraiser


Another school for refugee children received complete classroom renovation thanks to fundraiser we held with @rockitlivefoundationback in May.


Your support feeding hundreds of families this week in Izum, Ukraine. All of our donors and supporters together with our volunteers is that glimmer of hope these people see for the first time since this city got liberated from Russians.


Today village of Shevchenkovo in Kharkiv region receiving food supplies.



Our volunteers delivered over 60 grocery bags to newly liberated areas in Kharkiv region.


More families in Kharkiv region receiving aid today.



NJ stands with Ukraine. Thank you @reptommalinowski for supporting all Ukrainian legislations in House of Representatives.



Our volunteers delivered humanitarian aid to just liberated Kupyansk.


Volunteers start distributing aid to residents of just liberated Kharkiv region. Scenes we see on the ground is impossible to describe. Please pray for these civilians because they are facing long up hill climb to recover from damages Russians caused them.


Our volunteers delivered much needed aid to a frontline.


oday hundreds of people in Irpin, Kyiv region received food packages, clothing and hygiene products. Your donations at work.


Our team made a very first trip to town Verbivka, Kharkiv region that was under Russian occupation for 6 month. Amount of pain and destruction is hard to explain. Residents lived in completely destroyed buildings. Russian torture chambers found in number of basements. Ukrainian investigators are on the scene documenting atrocities committed by Russian terrorist army.


Thank you for your generosity for donating 13 pallets of your amazing pajama sets for people of Ukraine.


Our volunteers are baking bread for residents of our refugee center in Lviv, Ukraine.


Today more children in Ukraine received school supplies. So far this school year almost 500 children received school supplies.


Today over 130 grocery bags been given away to people in Eastern Ukraine. Despite rain people waited in long line to receive groceries that they will be using for entire week.



Our partners delivered vehicle that will be used on the frontline.


Today we held large giveaway event for internally displaced individuals in Lviv. Over 500 people received clothing and hygiene products. Over 200 children received school supplies. Baby food and groceries were distributed as well. Thank you for partnering with us to make this possible. Big thanks to @pinklily and @m25m_org for providing clothing and hygiene products that we were able to giveaway,



Another round of aid delivered by our volunteers to a frontline.


Aid distribution to people in Eastern Ukraine.


MUST SEE a POW video from latest rescue mission by our volunteers to Siversk, Donetsk region. These brave men and women putting their life on the line trying to help civilians that are left behind.


Aid delivered to children and babies in Mykolayev region. This war has stolen childhood from Ukrainian children that right now they don’t ask for toys or things that children usually ask in peaceful time but in most cases their main requests are food and clothing.


Impact report.


Families in the poorest parts of Rivne region received aid from #hfu today.


Today is first day of school for children in Ukraine. We had school supplies giveaway event for over 100 children with special needs. Thank you for making this first day of school a little brighter for these amazing kids.


Our volunteers preparing school supplies bags to be given out to children in need on September 1st.


Over 70 children in Ukraine received new set of clothing before school starts.


Another Day of Hope event organized for children in Ukraine. Over 30 children had a day filled with fun, games and great food. Your support making a huge impact on children in Ukraine.


Two scoops of rice, one scoop of pickled cabbage and a slice of bread that a meal people have to stay in line for hours in one of the most dangerous parts of Ukraine. Our volunteers cannot even drive van into these areas so food have to be brought in on motorcycles or bicycles in small quantities because all roads destroyed. So many civilians are trapped behind and live every day thinking where next meal will come from. We are witnessing biggest humanitarian crisis since WW2.



Our volunteers delivered aid to people in Kherson region, over 60 families received much needed aid.


Our partners delivered aid to people in Kharkiv region.


Today our volunteers delivered food to hardest hit parts in Donetsk region.


Ukraine Independence Day event for over 70 children has brought so much joy to these children that have to hide in bomb shelter at least once a day for last 6 month. Thank you to @m25m_org for partnering with us to make this celebration possible. Thank you to all good people from all around the world that are standing with us as we work 24/7 to make sure Putin and his terrorist army wont steal childhood and future from these precious children.


Food delivered to people in Zhytomyr region, many families received enough groceries to last them a week or more.


Food distribution location for internally displaced individuals. Every day families all across Ukraine receive bag of groceries that will last them entire week.



Another hiking rehabilitation trip organized together with our partners for children of war. We are spending a lot of time and efforts now to help children in Ukraine recover from trauma this war is causing them. To see them smile in the wilderness is priceless.


Our volunteers delivered another round of first aid kits to frontline.


800-900 meals are served at the train station in Lviv.


Through our family support project we delivered essential aid to families in need of immediate help.


What a joy to see children from Mykolayev region smile. Together with our partners we organized another rehabilitation camp for children of war. Games, fun, cotton candy, popcorn made 50+ children escape sounds and scenes of war for at least a short time.


Humanitarian situation in Mykolayev getting worsens with each day. Ever food distribution event lines are getting longer and longer. People like up 2-3 hours before announced time just to get a basic set of groceries so they have something to eat that week. War has not stopped and more and more civilians are suffering each day.



Our partners in Vinnitsa helping hundreds of internally displaced individuals each week. Your support makes all this possible.


Today many families received food at 3 different feeding stops in Donetsk region. Your support feeding 1500 families each week in Ukraine.


Children of war received much needed aid today. War took away everything from children in Ukraine, they lost their homes, their comfortable beds, most of their clothing is gone, toys are gone, access to normal education is gone and even propose nutrition is gone. Its heartbreaking to see sadness in their innocence eyes even when they trying to smile.


More first aid kits delivered to frontline.


Today we had aid distribution event with aid given away to over 350 internally displaced families. Every family received food, clothing and hygiene products. Thank you to our partners @pinklily and @m25m_org for providing clothing and hygiene products. Big thanks to all donors who donated money to buy groceries and everyone who donated things at our nj center to help those in need. 


Our volunteers distributed aid to many families in different parts of Dnipro region. Your support makes a difference each day for people in Ukraine.



Our partners organized hiking rehabilitation camp for refugee children in the mountains so for at least few days these children forget sound of sirens and would not need to hide in bomb shelter.


Lunch at our Refugee Center in Lviv, Ukraine. Your support has provided shelter to so many families over last 165 days of war.


Large amount of food delivered from #hfu to those who defending Ukraine from Russian terrorist army.


160+ days impact report.


Our partners feeding refugees at the train station in Lviv.


Big thanks to @rockitlivefoundation all children and parents as well as all donors who took part in Jersey Rocks For Ukraine event/fundraiser back in May. Today school in Lviv called Dovira for children with special needs received rest of educational equipment we raised money for.

In total:

15 laptops

4 printers

1 interactive panel with stand

8 sewing machines with supplies

were gifted to this school that will help improve educational process for children that been facing many difficulties in their lives.


Today our partners in Vinnitsa distributed aid to over 130 internally displaced individuals.



Today our volunteers delivered food for residents in Donetsk region.


Thank you to our partners @m25m_org for sending another container full of humanitarian aid to help those struggling in Ukraine.


Another round of aid distribution in Ukraine. Thank you for partnering with us to provide essential help to people in Ukraine.


Video from yesterday’s Day of Hope event for children.


Day of Hope event today put smiles of almost 80 children who are internally displaced. Together with our partners @m25m_org we organized games, activities and of cause pizza with ice-cream was there to cheer these amazing children that lost everything because of war.


Volunteers continuing rescue mission out of Siverets, Donetsk region.



Food delivered to frontline by our volunteers.


Today our volunteers delivered food to 2 towns in Donetsk region.


Our volunteers rescuing people from Siverets, Donetsk region while providing medical attention and giving away bread to those left behind. At the present time this is one of the most dangerous areas on the frontline as Russian concentrated huge forces around this town to gain control over it.



Today our partners disrupted food and new clothing donated by @pinklily to over 270 internally displaced families.


Many families in Donetsk region received aid today.


Today over 400 internally displaced families received food, clothing and hygiene products in Lviv, Ukraine. We are so thankful to all our donors for supporting #hfu that we can provide help to those that left with nothing each week. Big that for @pinklily for donating clothing and @m25m_org for providing hygiene products and clothing. 


16,000 instant meals just came in that will be heading to Ukraine in next few weeks @m25m_org.


Today our volunteers distributed large number of grocery bags to residents of Zhytomyr region.


Additional 135 first aid kits delivered to frontline.


Our volunteers distributed food to many residents in Chernihiv today.


Today over 200 families received hygiene products and clothing in Lviv, Ukraine thanks to @m25m_org for shipping container full of much needed aid.


First aid kits delivered by our volunteers to frontline.


Today is container day. Another container that we sent out of our NJ location just arrived to our warehouse in Lviv, Ukraine. Since war started we already shipped 10 containers (approximately 220 tons)of humanitarian aid from USA to Ukraine. Thank you to all who donated things to fill these containers. Thank you to everyone for your donations that helped pay for shipping these containers.



Huge lines for food as our volunteers delivering aid to residents on Chernihiv. City is 70% destroyed, residents live in extreme conditions.


Another day of aid distribution to refugees in Vinnitsa, almost 100 families being helped. Big thanks to our partners there for doing such a great work.



Aid delivered to needy families in Kirovograd region.



Humanitarian aid distribution in Chernihiv, Ukraine.


Our volunteers preparing and delivering humanitarian aid to Malinivka, Kharkiv region. Residents there live without light or gas spending almost every day in the bomb shelter.



Over 400 families of internally displaced individuals received grocery supplies and clothing during our giveaway event in Lviv region.


We have delivered aid to our partners in Vinnitsa and they started to distributed to people.


We are so happy we were able to partner with children from @rockitlivefoundation for Jersey Rocks concerts back in May to raise funds towards educational programs for children in Ukraine. Today school for special needs Dovira in Lviv, Ukraine was able to receive 6 brand new laptops and printer for their school to help children with learning.


Over last 4 month hundreds of refugees found safe place in our refugee center that is located in Lviv region.


Today in Pavlograg, Dnipro region many residents received weekly supplies of groceries from our volunteers.


Our volunteers organized field kitchen and food distribution even in Kharkiv, city that is been under constant attacks ever since February 23. It’s because of your support we are able to feed and cloth thousands each week. THANK YOU. 


In Cherkasy our volunteers distributing bread right after residential building has been bombed. These brave souls risk their lives to make sure someone has loaf of bread on their table.


Our volunteers preparing grocery bags for next week food giveaway. Every day people working non stop to help those who are in desperate need.


Today our volunteers in Kriviy Rig distributing humanitarian aid to many families.


Families in Zhytomyr region receiving much needed food aid.


Today our volunteers delivered help to Romani people in Zakarpattya region.



Our volunteers preparing first aid kits for defenders on the front line. These kits will save so many lives.


Our volunteers rescuing elderly from towns in the active combat zone.


Over 80 refugee women received new sets of clothing at our event today in Ukraine.


Thank you The Branch Foundation in Philadelphia, PA for your donation helping people in Ukraine.




Another day of food distribution in Chernihiv.


Our volunteers delivered food to residents in Odessa region.


Van full of food on its way to frontline.


Another day another aid distribution to internally displaced individuals. Ever since war started #HFU volunteers have been distributing aid almost every day.



OVER 600 FAMILIES of internally displaced individuals received bag of groceries and set of clothing during our event in Lviv region.


More food distribution taking place today in the central Ukraine.


Another round of food distribution for Internally Displaced Individuals in Lviv, many families received help.


OVER 1000 FAMILIES FED: volunteers provided food to residents from 2 villages in Chernihiv region.


Our volunteers delivered grocery bags to people in Zhytomyr region.


Container #8 on its way from NJ to Ukraine. Big thanks to all who donated things and money so we can send this much needed aid to people of Ukraine.


Our volunteers delivered humanitarian aid to people in Zakarpathya region.



Food delivered by our volunteers to frontline.


Another container of humanitarian aid that was donated by people in NJ just arrived to our base in Lviv, Ukraine.


Today another 80 women received clothing that was donated by @pinklily and all good people here in USA. These women are forever grateful to all who donated so they can have much needed clothing.



Another round of aid distribution for people in Kirovograd region.


Today we purchased 13,000 of instant noodles meals that will be heading to Ukraine this week


Our volunteers delivering and distributing aid in Borodyanka Kyiv region.


Another food and clothing distribution event for internally displaced people took place today in Lviv. Over 700 families received grocery bags. Women received new clothing donated by @pinklily as well as other clothing people here in USA donated. Your donations are such a blessing to those that has been left without anything. THANK YOU.


Our team organized @pinklily clothing giveaway for women at a adult facility for people with special needs. Women at this places were overwhelmed with joy to receive brand new clothing.


Food and first aid kits delivered by our volunteers to a frontline.