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Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Conflict Fundraiser


Fresh rolls and donuts baked by our volunteers and ready for delivery to frontline towns.


Volunteers visited children in Kherson region and dropped some gifts for them. All these precious children wanted to say thank you for not forgetting about them and your continuous support giving them hope for future.


Food, hygiene products and sleeping bags delivered by our volunteers to defenders on the frontline.


Today over 300 internally displaced families received grocery bags, hygiene products and spring clothing.


More children from internally displaced families received brand new mattresses. These families lost everything and we are working on rebuilding their lives day after day.


Container #25 with humanitarian aid arrived from USA to Ukraine.


Art and crafts program in Kirovograd region inspiring children to be artists and helps them escape horrors of war for at least short period of time. Russia is trying to steal childhood from millions of Ukrainian children but we won’t let them. Together with all our partners and donors we are giving hope and chance to dream again through our educational programs.


Our volunteers delivered essential aid to defenders on the frontline.


Volunteers baking another set of sweet rolls for residents of frontline towns. Feeding people in need is our everyday mission.


In Kherson region we are witnessing humanitarian crisis like no other. Our team working 24/7 to deliver groceries, hygiene products and clothing to those who live in extreme poverty. Since full scale war started over 700 thousand families all across Ukraine has received grocery kits from Hope For Ukraine. Your support feeding millions in Ukraine. THANK YOU.


Container #24 with medical supplies has arrived to Ukraine.


These days kids spend most of their school day in bomb shelters. Next generation of Ukrainians will grow up to be fearless leaders. Russians trying to steal childhood from them but they keep on going despite all difficulties learning in the basement of buildings day after day. We applaud all teachers that show up to work each day with the mission to train these children to be fearless and learn despite all obstacles.



In Donetsk region families received groceries and hygiene products. Each week on average 1500 families receive grocery kits from Hope For Ukraine.


School for children with special needs received another round of essential supplies.



Over 50 most vulnerable seniors received aid packages this week. Each of them received enough food supplies to last for approximately 2 weeks.



Essential supplies delivered to hospital in southern Ukraine.


In Kirovograd region volunteers baking bread and sweet rolls for people at a frontline towns.



Over 400 families received groceries and hygiene products in Kherson region.


Essential aid delivered to defenders at the frontline.


Almost 100 families in Kirovograd region received food packages and hygiene products this week.


Today over 60 internally displaced families received food kits and hygiene products in Lviv.


Another hospital in southern Ukraine receiving essential supplies.


Right now over 80 internally displaced individuals call our refugee center in Lviv their home. Since start of war over 1300 families came through these doors. Together with our team in Ukraine we work each and every day to provide best accommodations possible for these families that lost everything because of war .


More children all across Ukraine receiving brand new mattresses from HFU.


Another round of aid delivered to internally displaced families in Vinnitsa. Our volunteers working around the clock to make sure these families have food, hygiene products and clothing.


Over 100 families received groceries in Kherson region.


Through arts and crafts program in one school that located in Kirovograd region we are helping children develop creativity, learn a new skill and just be kids. Investing in education at the time of war is our top priority.


Another grocery and feeding event in southern Ukraine. Each week on average 6000 people all across Ukraine receive food from Hope For Ukraine.


Many smiles from over 40 children in Vinnitsa as they received their gifts. These kids are from internally displaced families that lost everything because of war. To see them smiling us priceless.


Today over 250 internally displaced families in Lviv received groceries, warm clothing, hygiene products and kids got themselves some new toys. Thank you for all our partners and donors for making this event possible.


Outdoor soup kitchen in Kherson, Ukraine. Every day we are fighting hunger in Ukraine. Your support provides thousands of meals each day for people in Ukraine.


Another set of grocery kits delivered to residents in Donetsk region.



Thank you for your support.


Aid delivered to Liman, Donetsk region which is one of the most dangerous frontline town in Ukraine right now.


Our volunteers delivered essential medical supplies to 2 medical facilities in Kriviy Rig.


Essential aid delivered to our defenders in the most dangerous part of a frontline.


Today over 300 internally displaced families received groceries and winter clothing in Lviv.


Great article in New York Post about work our volunteer Oksana Kovtun doing in Ukraine. Oksana helping thousands of families in Vinnitsa region and all across southern regions of Ukraine. 


In Kherson region our volunteers driving door to door delivering groceries. These food kits are lifeline for these families. Each week on average 6,400 individuals have enough groceries to last for 2 weeks through our Family Support project.


Food, warm clothing and medical supplies delivered to frontline defenders.


Big thanks to students, parents and staff @stuyvesanths_nyc for collecting vital aid for people in Ukraine. Ukrainian club and entire students body worked tirelessly to collect and pack truck full of staff that will be heading to Ukraine in next few weeks.



Big thanks to children, parents and teachers @stlukesnyc from orphans in Ukraine. St Luke’s School collect many blankets for people in Ukraine back in December. Your blankets keep orphans warm in Novovolysk, internally displaced families in Vinnitsa and Lviv as well as families in Donetsk and Kherson region that are forced to live in basements full time due to constant bombing. Many kids and adults are warm now in Ukraine because of your generosity.


Wood heaters, first aid kits and sleeping bags delivered to frontline defenders. These heroes facing unbelievable danger from much stronger enemy protecting lives of millions all across Ukraine.


Aid delivered to people in the hospital. Our volunteers making sure that no one is forgotten and aid gets to most remote and difficult places.


Investing in education is our top priority. Educational space renovated for school in Lviv, Ukraine. Adults and children should have a place where everyone can feel comfortable and safe.The new WORK SPACE lyceum is created for self-development, learning, reading and any other activity. In such a space you want to study even more.

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