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Turns out, even the smallest steps can have an impact. This Earth Day, consider your ecological footprint and enact these seven green ways to embrace today.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stood next to an empty lectern bearing his election rival’s name.

Over the past three years, the average wage in Ukraine has grown by $170.

These are the first elections in the history of Ukraine when we are choosing the future of our country with our own hands.

In eastern Ukraine, searching for water puts children and their families in the line of fire.

The West condemned the takeover of Crimea, a defiant Russia has built power plants and a new bridge to the peninsula.

Presidential election in Ukraine

WASHINGTON announced it will provide additional defence to Ukraine after NATO pushed ahead with plans to help the nation expand its presence in the Black Sea.

Great resource created by State Department.

The dozens who lost their lives during Ukraine's revolution became known as the "Heavenly Hundred," and include more than 50 killed 5 years ago Wednesday.

The death toll in the last 24 hours was the highest since the latest fragile truce entered force in December.

The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine mentioned the adoption of Azov sanctions package

The 2018 Corruption Perception Index, released on Jan. 29, ranks Ukraine as the second most corrupt country in Europe, after Russia, with most regional players currently out of reach.

UN report on war in Ukraine.

Get ready Russia.

The 2014 revolution gave Ukraine a new lease of life. But for many of its children, the upheaval came at a cost, introducing them to a dangerous world of drugs and even sex services

If you want to make a difference in 2019, make giving a part of your New Year’s resolutions. Here are some ideas for how you can create resolutions that give back.

Blockaded at sea, surrounded on land and surveyed from the air, Ukraine is set to face yet another Christmas and New Year in the shadow of looming Russian aggression.

Officials urge EU to escalate pressure on Moscow following military clash in Azov Sea

Nord Stream 2 could be the victim of Putin’s too clever by half. Has chessmaster Putin lost his touch?


The incident happened on November 25.

War in Ukraine.

Sucked into the trauma and labor of an ongoing war, Ukraine’s Millennials face uncertain prospects in a country rife with Soviet-era boomer corruption, an uneven economy, and a lack of job opportunities.

Ukraine now ranks 123rd out of 140 countries in terms of its citizen’s median personal wealth.

For the elderly, the conflict is characterized by waiting inside dilapidated homes while struggling to keep warm, safe, healthy and clean.

krainians should acknowledge the problem of being “lost in transition” and start searching for a way forward.

In January-September 2018, the U.S. citizens adopted 138 children from Ukraine.

Training will focus on air sovereignty, air interdiction, air-to-ground integration, air mobility operations, aeromedical evacuation, cyber defense, and personnel recovery.

The UN has estimated 220,000 children are at risk from landmines in Ukraine, one of the world's most mine-contaminated regions.

Ukraine is an excellent reminder of how violence can have unexpected consequences — and of how a short-term victory can lead to a longer-term defeat.

Ecologists and doctors blame disaster on release of industrial pollution with residents on both sides of border being treated for breathing problems, allergies and stomach ailments

After four years, and 10,000 deaths, the conflict with Russia in the east of the country has slipped off the west’s political agenda

Trackers of the Russian army have posted pictures of cargo trains carrying hulking Soviet-ear war machines.

Prime minister of self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic dies in cafe blast

Ukraine should have been a prosperous, middle-income country by now. Instead, it is one of the poorest in Europe

Five soldiers have been killed and seven wounded in eastern Ukraine during an assault by separatist forces, Ukraine's defence ministry says.

War in Ukraine.

The reason NATO was created out of the ashes of World War II was precisely to make certain such destruction never happens again.

To exit from the economic crisis, Ukraine needs to complete the initiated reforms.

It is important for Ukraine to complete the reforms that have been launched to emerge from the economic crisis.

Almost 8,000 people, including civilians, soldiers and pro-Russia separatists, have been killed since fighting broke out in eastern Ukraine, the United Nations has said.

Ukraine, now in its fifth year of fighting Russian aggression on fronts both physical and digital.

Hackers from Russia are infecting Ukrainian companies with malicious software to create “back doors” for a large, coordinated attack, Ukraine’s cyber police chief told Reuters on Tuesday.

In January-April 2018, the population of Ukraine decreased by 85,700 people, to 42.3 million.

The foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France met in Berlin on Monday to discuss the implementation of a fragile ceasefire for Ukraine and the deployment of a UN peacekeeping mission in the country's conflict zone.

Ukraine is fighting wars on two fronts. While facing Russian aggression on its soil and separatists in the East, it wrestles with systemic corruption that impedes serious reform.

The investigations are not complete; it is still not known precisely who fired the missile. But the gumshoes are getting closer.

In total, we recorded 7,700 cease-fire violations.

Ukrainian economic model is way to degradation

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