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80% of Ukrainians Now Live Below the Poverty Line

According to the United Nations, more than 80 percent of Ukrainians live below the poverty line.

By the standards of the United Nations, if a person spends on lodging and meals less than $5 a day, and in a month less than $150, he or she lives in poverty.

That is, in Ukraine, at the rate of the National Bank, the minimum wage should be about 3,750 UAH, says the People's Deputy Andrei Shipko.

"Today the average wage in Ukraine is 1,176 hryvnia, or about $50 a month, which is a dollar and a half a day. What is a living wage? It's not just food, it's public transportation, and personal services, and utilities, and clothing. Not taken into account in the subsistence minimum health services and education. If we analyze these factors, it is possible to understand that the majority of Ukrainians are beyond the threshold of absolute poverty, " says Shipko.

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