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Children Events

April, 2023 - Every day our volunteers working nonstop to make sure we can help as many children as possible and this time around over 30 children from internally displaced families received aid.

March, 2023 - Art and crafts program in Kirovograd region inspiring children to be artists and helps them escape horrors of war for at least short period of time. Russia is trying to steal childhood from millions of Ukrainian children but we won’t let them. Together with all our partners and donors we are giving hope and chance to dream again through our educational programs.

February, 2023 - Many smiles from over 40 children in Vinnitsa as they received their gifts. These kids are from internally displaced families that lost everything because of war. To see them smiling us priceless.

January, 2023 - Every donation counts. This blue and yellow hat was knitted by one amazing lady in the Midwest and mailed to our office in NJ. Ever since war started she would knit batches of hats and mail it to us so we send it to Ukrainian kids. Recently we received note from mother of this boy asking us to make sure to thank whoever made this hat because this is exactly what her son needed in the middle of winter.

October, 2022 - Aid for children and elderly distributed in souther Ukraine.

September 2022 - Aid delivered to children and babies in Mykolayev region. This war has stolen childhood from Ukrainian children that right now they don’t ask for toys or things that children usually ask in peaceful time but in most cases their main requests are food and clothing.

August, 2022 - Another hiking rehabilitation trip organized together with our partners for children of war. We are spending a lot of time and efforts now to help children in Ukraine recover from trauma this war is causing them. To see them smile in the wilderness is priceless.

August, 2022 - What a joy to see children from Mykolayev region smile. Together with our partners we organized another rehabilitation camp for children of war. Games, fun, cotton candy, popcorn made 50+ children escape sounds and scenes of war for at least a short time.

August, 2022 - Children of war received much needed aid today. War took away everything from children in Ukraine, they lost their homes, their comfortable beds, most of their clothing is gone, toys are gone, access to normal education is gone and even propose nutrition is gone. Its heartbreaking to see sadness in their innocence eyes even when they trying to smile.

August, 2022 - Our partners organized hiking rehabilitation camp for refugee children in the mountains so for at least few days these children forget sound of sirens and would not need to hide in bomb shelter.

July, 2022 - Day of Hope event today put smiles of almost 80 children who are internally displaced. Together with our partners @m25m_org we organized games, activities and of cause pizza with ice-cream was there to cheer these amazing children that lost everything because of war.

June, 2022 - Today Ukraine celebrates Children's Day. In honor of this holiday we organized event for refugee children in one state run orphanage located in Lviv, Ukraine. Games, face paintings and a lot of sweets put smiles on faces of these precious children. Your support makes impact on the ground every day and we are sending big THANK YOU from all these orphans to everyone who made this event possible.

May, 2022 - Our team visited orphanage for small kids today and brought a lot of supplies for this institution. It was so sad to see that these precious children have to spend many hours in bomb shelter often sleeping in warm jackets just in case their facility will get destroyed by one of those Russian missiles.

May, 2022 - Today our team visited refugee orphans who were evacuated from Mykolayev orphanage and now staying at orphanage in Lviv. These precious children were so happy that we visited them with gifts. Your support is making this daily work possible in Ukraine.

May, 2022 - Together with our partners we are feeding people at the train station in Lviv.

April, 2022 - Refugee children at our center in Lviv are part of one big family. Our volunteers working every day to create environment for them where they forget that they are somewhere far from home.

April, 2022 - Another day at a refugee center in Lviv. Over 120 people call this place home for last 40+ days. Children are provided with number of daily activities to make sure they forget that this is temporary shelter but feel like it’s their home and they a part of one big family.

April, 2022 - Our volunteers organized Day of Hope event for all refugee children that are staying in refugee center in Lviv. Day was filled with gifts for all children, science show and a lot of games. It’s so wonderful to see smiles on their faces after what these kids been through.

October, 2021 - Our volunteers organized Day of Hope event for children in Ukraine, spring which kids had educational master class.

August, 2021 - over 50 teenagers were able to attend week long camp by Black Sea because of generous support of our donors. Lives of these young people have been impacted forever.

June, 2021 - Summer camp for children from state run orphanage in Ukraine.

November, 2020 - our volunteers visited orphanage for small children in Ukraine and brought many supplies that were requested by administration.

September, 2020 - our team visited orphans in state run facility. They spent time playing with them as well as delivered many supplies that kids need.

April 2020 - Together with our partners we are working on raising funds to build at least 2 playgrounds for children in Ukraine. You can be a part of this great cause by donating toward it on our website.

February, 2020 - our team visited state run facility for children with special needs. Children enjoyed gifts we brought them and time that they got to spend with our volunteers.

February, 2020 - our first Day of Hope event for children from troubled homes. During these events our volunteers teach children important life skills.

January, 2020 - More gifts were given out to children in Lugansk, Donetsk region close to war zone.

December, 2019 - our last Day of Hope event for children from poor families in Ukraine. 

November, 2019 - Our team visited state run orphanage in Ukraine for small children during their Harvest celebrations. We brought gifts for children and supplies for this facility. These cutie pies has been left behind without families of their own from such a young age.

September, 2019 - Incredible Day of Hope yesterday. Children learned new life skills, played games and we had prizes giveaway.

May, 2019 -  Day of Hope of May 26th was huge success. Over 40 children from underprivileged families attended this event. Bringing hope and putting smiles on their faces is the greatest thing that we can all accomplish. Thanks to all who has been supporting Hope For Ukraine its because of you we are able to impact so many children in Ukraine.

May, 2019 - Sunday, May 26th together with our partners in Ukraine we are planning a day full of activities, games and food for children from underprivileged hope. This Day of Hope event will be our first of many events we plan on organizing during this summer.

May, 2019 - This week we held first ever romani community outreach together with our partners in Ukraine. During this outreach, our team provided romani children with free dental care, direct workshops as well as distribution of humanitarian aid.

April, 2019 - These children from Bakhmut, Donetsk region that came for 2 weeks rehabilitation camp in Lviv, Ukraine not only live in a war zone but also come from very troubled homes. Big thanks to all who donated toward this camp so these children can have 2 weeks of peace and quite far away from sounds of war and home troubles that they live day in and day out.

April, 2019 - Children from war zone arrived in Lviv for 2 weeks rehabilitation camp and today they had first soccer match on a camp ground where they staying.

April, 2019 - Here is a brief thank you video from principle and teacher of school for special needs children in Ukraine that we have been supporting since last year. For our April event we were able to buy printer for this school so teachers have more tools to help these precious children. 

April, 2019 - Next week together with our partners in Ukraine we will be hosting 20 children from war zone (Bakhmut, Donetsk region) for 2 weeks rehabilitations camp in Lviv, Ukraine. These children come from very poor families. For past 5 years they been growing up under constant artillery shelling by Russian forces.

February, 2019 - Today our team visited children in school with mental disabilities and brought school supplies. There are 230 children in this school. Thanks for all your donations, it because of you we are able to help these children.

February, 2019 - Today our volunteers purchased school supplies for children from orphanage with mental disabilities that will be delivered to them next week.

February, 2019 - Today our team visited children with mental disabilities in state run facilities. We brought each children a gift and spent some time with them during their learning time. Children were so happy and asked our volunteers when they will come back to visit them. Big thanks to all who donated toward this event back in January, your gift is making a huge impact in the lives of these precious children.

January, 2019 - First Day of Hope event 2019 took place last week for children from underprivileged families. Children had a great time learning and having some fun.

November, 2018 - We had another Day of Hope event in Ukraine this week. Our volunteers organized painting master class for children from underprivileged families. To see them smile from ear to ear is priceless.

November, 2018 - Today we had another Day of Hope event for underprivileged children. Thanks to all out volunteers in Ukraine and all our donors around the world for making it possible to do these events and put smile on children's faces. THANK YOU FROM ALL CHILDREN IN UKRAINE.

August, 2018 - Our team distributed aid packages to many children from underprivileged families.

June, 2018 - A little video overview about children's camp that just finished in Ukraine.

June, 2018 - Together with our partners and volunteers in Ukraine we were able to organize and sponsor first Hope Camp of this summer for children in Ukraine. Thank you to all our donors for helping us bring hope to so many children in Ukraine.

June 2018 - This week-end together with our partners in Ukraine we organized special graduation themed Day of Hope for children.

March 2018 - last weekend together with our partners we organized another Day of Hope for children. Over 300 children attended special event that featured circus.

March, 2018 - Our volunteers delivered gifts to children in a war zone near city of Mariupol, Donetsk region.

February, 2018 - last Saturday of February we had another Day of Hope for children in Ukraine. Our volunteers in Ukraine organized sweet celebration for kids were kids got to make their own deserts.

February, 2018 - Dr.Irina has volunteered her time and traveled to remote village to perform dental check-up for many children who live in extreme poverty

February, 2018 - we organized another day of hope for underprivileged children. Over 30 children attended this event.

We have visited orphans in state run orphanage and brought them some gifts. We just want to express gratitude to all who has been supporting HFU and made it possible for us to help so many people in that part of the world. “Blessed is he who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.” Psalms 41:1

January, 2018 - We have started distributing shipment of food that just arrived to Ukraine. Thank you for helping us put smile on children faces.

Today was last day of winter camp for children from war zone. Before we sent them out back home we noticed that many of them don't even have winter shoes, so we took them shoe shopping. These children spend a lot of time hiding in basements of their buildings or houses due to frequent artillery shelling of their town and their families cannot afford to buy them winter clothing or shoes.

January 11, 2017 - Today we spent some time with children from war-zone before their departure back home to East of Ukraine.

Over 60 children has arrived from war zone to spend their winter break away from constant scenes of war and artillery shelling by Russian army.

Over 50 kids from Krasnohorivka will be hosted by our volunteers at the campgrounds in Lviv, Ukraine.

You can take a part in this great project and DONATE TODAY your best gift.

On Saturday November 25th we organized Day of Hope for children from underprivileged families. Over 30 children attend this event.

On November 19th our volunteers in Ukraine visited orphans in state ran orphanage, spent quality time with them and brought some gifts for them.

Last Saturday we sponsored weekend camp for children from broken homes and orphans. Over 40 children were brought in to that event. We are planning on hosting these kinds of events at least twice a month throughout the year if our budget permits. $5 per child would cover full day of activities and two meals during that day. If you would like to help us with funding these weekend camps you can DONATE NOW


As we reflect on what we were able to accomplish this summer, we just want to take time to say thank you to all who have given toward our summer camps 2017 project. Because of your generous donations Hope For Ukraine together with our partners was able to organize summers camps all across Ukraine for over 300 underprivileged children. You have made impact on each and everyone of those precious children that they will never forget as long as they live. As one child who attended one of the camps wrote: "I just wanted to take this time to acknowledge the fact that you are the reason I'm having all these great experiences at camp. You are the reason I am loving life so much now. You have made possible for me to attend this camp in Lviv and ill never forget great time i had here."
During the school year HFU will continue organize and sponsor weekend one day camps for orphans and underprivileged children in Lviv, Ukraine.


Camp for underprivileged children Lviv, Ukraine

This summer Hope For Ukraine cosponsored camp for underprivileged children in Lviv, Ukraine. Big thanks to all our partners who donated toward this project.


Camp for underprivileged children Kiev region, Ukraine.

This summer Hope For Ukraine cosponsored camp for underprivileged children in Kiev region, Ukraine. Big thanks to all our partners who donated toward this project.


Camp for children from conflict zone Lviv, Ukraine.

July 16-30 together with our partners Hope For Ukraine will be bringing over 50 kids from Krasnohorivka, Donetsk region to get some peace and rest from scenes of war that these kids experience every day. Just on May 28th three local residents were wounded and 42 buildings (40 private residences, a town hospital and a comprehensive school) were damaged as a result of Sunday shelling of town of Krasnohorivka in Donetsk region by militants. 

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