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Children's Rescue Center

March, 2023 - Through arts and crafts program in one school that located in Kirovograd region we are helping children develop creativity, learn a new skill and just be kids. Investing in education at the time of war is our top priority.

February, 2023 -  Investing in education is our top priority. Educational space renovated for school in Lviv, Ukraine. Adults and children should have a place where everyone can feel comfortable and safe.The new WORK SPACE lyceum is created for self-development, learning, reading and any other activity. In such a space you want to study even more.

February, 2023 - Vital groceries and cleaning supplies delivered to school for children with special needs.

February, 2023 - Children in Kirovograd region received school supplies from Hope For Ukraine. Investing in education for children is our top priority.

September, 2022 - Now orphans at the specialized school in Lviv, Ukraine have a brand new classroom to study in, thank to all who participated in this educational project.

September, 2022 - Another school for refugee children received complete classroom renovation thanks to fundraiser we held with @rockitlivefoundationback in May.

September, 2022 - Today more children in Ukraine received school supplies. So far this school year almost 500 children received school supplies.

September, 2022 - Today is first day of school for children in Ukraine. We had school supplies giveaway event for over 100 children with special needs. Thank you for making this first day of school a little brighter for these amazing kids.

August, 2022 - Big thanks to @rockitlivefoundation all children and parents as well as all donors who took part in Jersey Rocks For Ukraine event/fundraiser back in May. Today school in Lviv called Dovira for children with special needs received rest of educational equipment we raised money for.

In total:

15 laptops

4 printers

1 interactive panel with stand

8 sewing machines with supplies

were gifted to this school that will help improve educational process for children that been facing many difficulties in their lives.

July, 2022 - We are so happy we were able to partner with children from @rockitlivefoundation for Jersey Rocks concerts back in May to raise funds towards educational programs for children in Ukraine. Today school for special needs Dovira in Lviv, Ukraine was able to receive 6 brand new laptops and printer for their school to help children with learning.

May, 2022 - Big thanks to all children from @rockitlivefoundation and organizers of Jersey Rocks For Ukraine event @houseofindependents in Asbury Park, NJ. So many people attended and donated to this educational fundraiser

All proceeds from this event and online fundraiser will go toward purchasing educational resources for Ukrainian refugee children. You can still support this cause to help over 4 million Ukrainian children who have been displaced and not able to continue education.


May, 2022 - Day of Hope event for children in our refugee center. Thank you @m25m_org for partnering with us so children of Ukraine can enjoy day filled with fun, games and food.

April, 2022 - Refugee children had amazing day today during Day of Hope event that our volunteers organized for children.

January, 2022 - Science master class for children from underprivileged families.

February, 2021 - Opening of Children's Rescue Center in Ukraine.

February, 2021 -  Mathematics program for children growing in attendance each week.

February, 2021 - Our after school program making huge impact on young people in Ukraine.

January, 2021 - After school music classes for young people in Ukraine.

December, 2020 - After school classes impacts lives of so many young people in Ukraine.

October, 2020 - New school year opened up with free English and mathematics classes in our Children's Rescue Center.

June, 2019 - For last 3 month during COVID-19 pandemic our team in Ukraine continued impactions lives of young people by holding virtual English, Mathematics and Music classes.

November, 2019 - First free mathematics class for children in Ukraine.

October, 2019 - we have launched Hope Academy at Children's Rescue Center. Right now we are providing free English and music classes but our plan is to add few more subjects in a near future.

August, 2019- Summer English classes for children from poor families at Children's Rescue Center.

August, 2019 - free summer English classes at Children's Rescue Center for children from underprivileged families.

July, 2019 - Construction at the Children's Rescue Center continues. 

May, 2019 - Last after school English class of this school year at Children's Rescue Center. Big thanks to all volunteers and all our sponsors who gave opportunity to these children learn English language free of charge. 

April, 2019 - Heating system is being installed at Children's Rescue Center. Little by little entire building is getting renovated and we looking forward how this facilities will be used to impact lives of children and youth. 

March, 2019 - heating system for Children's Rescue Center has been purchased.

March, 2019 - Each week on Monday we hold free after school English class at Children's Rescue Center for children who would like to learn English. If we get extra resources we are planning to do many more subjects so children who's parents cannot afford to pay for tutoring will be able to send them to Children's Rescue Center.

March, 2019 - Today we had another free English after school class for children in Ukraine. 

January, 2019 - Renovation inside Children's Rescue Center in Ukraine picking up steam. This center will be a place where children and youth will be able to learn different life skills that will help them succeed in life.

November, 2018 - This week we had another after school English class in Children's Rescue center. Once renovations of new building completed we will be able to expend our programs so more children have access to quality after school tutoring free of charge.

November, 2018 - Another after school English class took place this week. More and more children expressing interest in learning English as a second language.

November, 2018 - While construction still going on at the Children's Rescue Center our volunteers started free aftershock English class for children in the nearby facility.

October, 2018 - Roof repairs are completed on Children's Rescue Center.

October, 2018 - Work at Children's Rescue Center is well underway, exterior work is almost finished, next on the agenda is start to fix interior, still a lot of work ahead.

September, 2018 - Construction at future Children's Rescue Center is going full force.

June 2018 - Renovation at Children's Rescue Center going full force. This place will be a refuge to so many children in Ukraine. If you would like to be a pert of this project we invite to donate toward it because reconstruction os this building require a lot money.

April, 2018 - construction continues at the Children's rescue center.

March, 2018 - construction at Children's Rescue Center going full force. 

Together with our partners we are embarking on building Rescue Center for children in Lviv, Ukraine. Right now we already have 5000 sq feet building that needs major renovation. Rescue Center will serve as a place of hope for children.

We are planning on providing:

- Daily hot meals for children in need.

- Clothing and school supplies will always be on hand for those in need.

- Free after school tutoring for orphans and children from underprivileged families.

- Guidance counseling and Path To Success program for troubled teens.

Help us with reconstruction of this building and be a part of changing lives of children and youth in Ukraine.

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