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Christmas Joy Events

February, 2023 - Today smallest cuties in Ukraine were receiving gifts in Vinnitsa. Their small hearts are filled with joy and thanksgiving today. Over 40 tiny hearts thanking you today for being there for them and not forgetting about them.

January, 2023 - Smiles, smiles and more smiles from children in Mykolayev region as they receive holiday gifts. We won’t let Putin and his terrorist army steal childhood from these precious kids.

January, 2023 - Kids all across Ukraine continue receiving holiday gifts. Thousands of happy faces all across Ukraine.

January, 2023 - Children received gifts from our volunteers in frontline towns.

January, 2023 - Another Joy of Giving event took place in Lviv today. So far we have distributed over 3200 gifts this holiday season. To see these children and families smile that lost everything and live in temporary trailer for 11 months is priceless.

January, 2023 - Happiness on the faces of both young and old as our volunteers delivering gifts and food supplies to residents of Kherson region.

December, 2022 - More children in Ukraine received Christmas gifts this Joy of Giving season. Thanks to our partners who put together over 600 gift boxes to be given away to children in Ukraine.

December, 2022 - Merry Christmas from Kharkiv to all our donors and followers! Today over 500 families received Christmas gifts because of your generosity. So far this month we have given away over 2000 Christmas gifts all across Ukraine. Our Joy of Giving campaign will go on until end of January because these people who are going through so much pain and loss need to know that someone cares for them and there is hope for them.

December, 2022 - Christmas gifts in Kherson region given hope to hundreds of families this holiday season. So far in December our volunteers distributed Christmas gifts to over 1500 families.

December, 2022 - Today over 750 internally displaced families received Christmas gifts and warm winter clothing. These families waited in freezing cold weather to receive their gift and warm clothing because they have nothing. Thank you to everyone who are partnering with us in order to make these giveaways possible.

December, 2022 - Kids in some of the hardest hit areas in Donetsk region received Christmas gifts. Kids got new sets of winter clothing along with some sweets to cheer them on.

December, 2022 -  Our volunteers started making Christmas gifts for internally displaced individuals in Ukraine and some of the first gifts already been handed out to refugees who live in our center. This year thousands of people will receive pj sets that was donated by Little Sleepies as well as some sweets and hygiene products. 

October, 2022 - Help us bring Joy of Christmas to children in Ukraine.

January, 2022 -  Christmas gifts distribute to children at orphanage in Ukraine.

January, 2021 - Finally Christmas gifts arrived to Ukraine and being given to children.

January, 2021 - Our team delivered Christmas gifts for children with special needs. 

January, 2020 - our second Christmas Joy event just took place in Ukraine. Many children received gifts that were prepared here in USA.

Christmas gifts for children in Ukraine

December, 2019 - Our first Christmas Joy event took place in government run orphanage for small children in Ukraine. Our team brought a lot of gifts and love to share with these precious children who has been left behind without family of their own.

January, 2019 - Today was our last Christmas Joy event for children in Ukraine. A lot of gifts were given out.

December, 2018 - Our second event took place today for children from poor families and orphans. Over 100 children and their families received Christmas gifts during this event. 

December, 2018 - We gave out over 230 Christmas gifts to children with mental disabilities in one orphanage in Ukraine. Thank you to all who took part in this.

December, 2018 - Today our team purchased a lot of gifts that will be given to over 500 children/families in Ukraine over next few weeks during our Christmas Joy events. Thank you to all who donated. You making it possible for us to touch so many forgotten children in Ukraine this holiday season. 

November, 2018 - Today our team start buying winter hats and gloves that will be part of Christmas gifts this years for orphans and children from underprivileged families. Big thanks to all who donated during #GivingTuesday2018 because of your gift we are able to do this.

November, 2018 - This year we want to gift 1000 Christmas gifts for children in Ukraine. Each gift will cost us 80 hryvnyas which is about $4. We will be bringing joy of Christmas to children from underprivileged homes as well as children who live in state run orphanages.

January 22, 2018 - All of Christmas gifts finally arrived to Ukraine and we started handing them to children. Special thanks goes out to all our partners who made this possible. Thanks you for bringing joy of Christmas to so many families this year.

Over 1000 Christmas gifts are getting ready to be shipped to children in Ukraine. Part of this shipment will go to Eastern Ukraine for children in war zone and another part will go to children in Western Ukraine.

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