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Family Support Project

March, 2023 - Fresh rolls and donuts baked by our volunteers and ready for delivery to frontline towns.

March, 2023 - In Kherson region we are witnessing humanitarian crisis like no other. Our team working 24/7 to deliver groceries, hygiene products and clothing to those who live in extreme poverty. Since full scale war started over 700 thousand families all across Ukraine has received grocery kits from Hope For Ukraine. Your support feeding millions in Ukraine. THANK YOU.

March, 2023 - In Donetsk region families received groceries and hygiene products. Each week on average 1500 families receive grocery kits from Hope For Ukraine.

March, 2023 - Over 50 most vulnerable seniors received aid packages this week. Each of them received enough food supplies to last for approximately 2 weeks.

March, 2023 - Over 400 families received groceries and hygiene products in Kherson region.

March, 2023 - More children all across Ukraine receiving brand new mattresses from HFU.

February, 2023 - Today over 300 internally displaced families received groceries and winter clothing in Lviv.

February, 2023 - In Kherson region our volunteers driving door to door delivering groceries. These food kits are lifeline for these families. Each week on average 6,400 individuals have enough groceries to last for 2 weeks through our Family Support project.

February, 2023 - Aid delivered to people in Kherson region. Food, thermal blankets, wood fire heaters and some first aid medical supplies.

January, 2023 - Today over 300 internally displaced families in Ukraine received food, hygiene products and warm clothing.

January, 2023 - Container #20 is set to depart for Ukraine. Over 20 tons of food and warm clothing on its way to help those effected by war. This container marks 440 tons of humanitarian aid that we shipped from USA since 02/24/22. Thank you for partnering with to make these shipments possible.

January, 2023 - Families in Kherson region received winter clothing and groceries from our volunteers.

January, 2023 - Our volunteers working in Donetsk region and with the help of local residents delivering groceries door to door.

January, 2023 - Our volunteers supplying groceries to residents of Mykolayev region. Each week around 1500 families all across Ukraine receive food kits with enough supplies to feed family of 4 for entire week or more.

January, 2023 - Help us feed people in Ukraine. We need non-perishable CANNED FOOD ONLY (we wont be able to accept anything in plastic or cardboard packaging) Please have everything BOXED & LABELLED

January, 2023 - Families in Kirovograd region received food, clothing and hygiene products.

December, 2022 - Our volunteers working in Kherson region bringing Joy of Giving to over 100 families there. Families received food supplies and wood heaters.

December, 2022 - Our volunteers in Siversk, Donetsk region delivering groceries door to door to residents that been left without anything.

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