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Family Support Project

November, 2021 - Through our Family Support project we got grocery shopping for family in great need.

November, 2021 - Together with our partners we purchased a home for a family in the East of Ukraine who lost their own home few month back due to fire.

September, 2021 - This family of 6 just lost their father by drowning while he was rescuing their 3 daughters from river. Our team visited them and delivered for them laundry machine and vacuum cleaner.

August, 2020 - In the midst of all COVID-19 unsettlement in Ukraine, building of new home for Blyznak family going full forth.

May, 2020 - Second round of emergency food packages for families effected by COVID-19.

May, 2020 - Today is very special day. Bliznak family of 10 whom we have been supporting for over 2 years started construction of their house. At this time this family of 10 lives in studio apartment in Ukraine in extreme poverty but because of generous support of so many people now they can start building a modest home that will be big enough to fit them all. We are so grateful to all who is been a part of this project and helping us transform life for this family forever.

April, 2020 - Emergency food packages for families effected by COVID-19.

June, 2019 - Our team delivered clothing and groceries to Bliznak family of 8 who live in extreme poverty.

February, 2019 - Mikhaylo Kebukevich underwent surgery in Kiev for removing cancerous growth from his leg. Soon he'll start 4 sessions of chemo.

February, 2019 - Yesterday our volunteers visited Kebukevych family and delivered groceries. Their father Mikhailo is in Kiev's cancer hospital, he had emergency surgery and is scheduled for 4 sets of chemotherapy. 

February, 2019 - Our volunteers in Ukraine visited family in Ukraine who is facing some serious challenges. Myhailo (not on the picture and Tamara Kebukevych have 7 children. Tamara was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis many years ago so their father was Mikhailo was only bread winner in the family. Just few month ago Mikhailo has been diagnosed with aggressive form of cancer. We will be working on supporting this family.

December, 2018 - Kovalchuk family finished moving into their new home. Thank you to all our partners who donated and helped rebuild this family life after their home burned down.

November, 2018 - Today Krasko family lost their home in Rivne region due to fire. This family of 8 lost their mother 2 years ago and their father has been taking care of 7 children by himself. This family became homeless today. During this #GivingTuesday our main goal will be to raise money to help this family rebuild their life just like we did for another family in Gytomyr region. 

November, 2018 - Kovachuk family who's house burned down on September 30th, 2018 moved into their new home today that we were able to purchase for them together with our partners. They are putting all furniture and appliances together that was purchased for them by Hope For Ukraine. Thank you again to all who took part and donated toward this project. "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller.

October, 2018 - Today we received hand written letter from Kovalchuk family, thanking all who gave toward rebuilding their lives after house fire. Thanks again for being a part of a miracle in the life of this family.

Together with our partners today we were able to buy house, all furniture and all appliances for this family in Ukraine who's house burned out at the end of last month. Because of giving of so many people here in USA life of this family was transformed today.

October, 2018 - On September 30th Kovalchuk family of 7 became homeless after their home burned down overnight. Because of generous giving of so many people we were able to raise enough money to buy new home for this family. Deposit is already have been made and next week our representative will fly to Ukraine to finalize purchase of this house. We are also planning to help them buy some appliances for their new home since they lost everything.

October, 2018 - Kovalchuk family in Hmelnitskiy region became homeless over night when on September 30th at night their home burned to ashes. They have 5 children, oldest son is 12 years old and youngest boy is 9 month. Their father Vasil Kiriluk is in the hospital due to severe burn wounds he sustained while rescuing his children from burning inferno. If everyone can give something then we will be able to help this family rebuild their home and their life. You can donate through our secure donation portal.

September, 2018 - We are shipping backpacks with school supplies for children from underprivileged families in Ukraine.

August, 2018 - Together with our partners HFU is participating in building home for a very poor family in Ukraine.

July, 2018 - Our volunteers continue distributing food that recently arrived from USA to those in need.

July, 2018 - two tons of food finally arrived to Ukraine and will be distributed to the poor families and individuals.

April, 2018 - Our team visited a very poor family of 12 in a remote village in Ukraine. HFU delivered finances to start building new house for this family. Sergiychuk family is facing very challenging times right now, their mother was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, house they live in has no utilities or running water. Father has to provide for 10 children and care for his wife who's health is falling fast.

April, 2018 - We are working on purchasing and shipping 2 tons of food for needy in Ukraine.

March, 2018 - Preparing another aid shipment for needy people in Ukraine.

February, 2018 - another shipment of aid arrived to Bliznak family in Ukraine who was 4 very sick children.

January 2018 - Grocery bags are ready for distribution for those in need.

January, 2018 - One more shipment of aid arrived to Ukraine today and will be distributed to people who are in a desperate need.

Winter Clothing For Families In Ukraine

In November 2017 Hope For Ukraine shipped over 300 lbs of winter clothing and shoes for poor in Ukraine.

Groceries for families in Need

Food shipment that we shipped to Ukraine in September start arriving to a war zone on the east of Ukraine as well as to our second destination of the west of Ukraine. Once all package arrive, food will be distributed to those who are in dire need. 

Clothes Shipment

Picking up winter clothing and shoes to be shipped to Ukraine for people in need of winter clothes over there. 

We are preparing large shipment of winter clothes for poor in Ukraine.


We have shipped large shipment of food to Ukraine for those who are in desperate need of help over there. Part of this shipment will go to Mariupol (war zone in the east of Ukraine) and part will go to Lviv (west of Ukraine).


Bliznak Family

Starting September 2017 Hope For Ukraine will be supporting this family of 10. Stay tune for more info about this family and challenges they facing every day...

- Two children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disorder that causes severe damage to the lungs, digestive system and other organs in the body.

- Smallest baby girl has club foot.

Clubfoot describes a range of foot abnormalities usually present at birth (congenital) in which your baby's foot is twisted out of shape or position.

- This family of ten lives in a studio apartment.

We encourage you to partner with us as we launch ongoing support for this family which will include: paying for medical treatments, providing monthly supply of groceries and working toward moving them to a bigger apartment. Be a part of bring hope to this family DONATE NOW

According to the United Nations, more than 80 percent of Ukrainians live below the poverty line.
By the standards of the United Nations, if a person spends on lodging and meals less than $5 a day, and in a month less than $150, he or she lives in poverty. Today the average wage in Ukraine is 1,176 hryvnia, or about $50 a month, which is a dollar and a half a day.
We are supporting the neediest families by providing them grocery packages once a month. These packages put together based on family needs and requests. All of the produce are purchased fresh in the Ukraine and delivered to these families by our staff and volunteers on the ground.

Poverty In Ukraine

Hope For Ukraine is providing shelter and support for families that fled war in the East of Ukraine. In the past 2 years we have helped and supported over 80 refugees to find work and place to live in the city of Lviv. Over 1 million ukrainians became internally displaced persons because of Russia's military aggression in Ukraine and now have to start life all over again.

Ukraine War

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