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Family Support Project

On average, 1500 families receive weekly assistance through Family Support Project all across Ukraine. Families in war-torn Ukraine receive food kits that can feed a family of 4 for around 10 days as well as hygiene products and clothing provided during each aid giveaway event. Once active war ends in Ukraine, Family Support Project will help families reach long-term stability with the goal of preventing academic disruptions for children by helping families move from crisis to stability.

Over 3,000 children live with HIV. Hundreds of children were born with HIV unnecessarily in Ukraine last year because of a shortage of vital antiretroviral drugs. Hope For Ukraine is working with families who have HIV positive children and medical institutions that treat HIV positive children by providing funding for antiretroviral drugs. Kids who are HIV positive need these vital drugs on daily basis so HIV virus won’t progress.

Refugees Project

We run refugee center in Lviv, Ukraine that is able to house on average 80 individuals at a time. Since full scale war started on 02/24/22, we have provided shelter to more than 1300 internally displaces individuals. Our Refugee Project also assists Ukrainian refugees in Europe and United States.

A Child’s Smile Project

We are providing opportunity for children of war in Ukraine to be children again. Through various children’s events and support clubs, our volunteers all across Ukraine are making children smile again.

Medical Support Project

Through our Medical Support Project, we are providing medical supplies to hospitals in Ukraine. We also arrange and pay for medical treatments for those individuals that are going through hardships and are unable to cover medical bills for treatments that they urgently need.

Frontline Project

We are supplying food, first aid kits, hygiene products, and clothing to frontline heroes who are defending Ukraine from Russian army. On the way back from frontline our volunteers are rescuing civilians from frontline towns and bringing them to safety.

Educational Project

Our after school educational program gives children an opportunity to build life and social skills by giving them access to high quality extracurricular activities.

Christmas Joy Events

Every holiday season our team distributes thousands of Christmas gifts for orphans and children from disadvantaged families all across Ukraine.

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